The Great Ex-Cape: From Superman to The Atom, Brandon Routh on the Ups and Downs of Saving the World

In 2006, Producer/Director Bryan Singer what might well be regarded as the most successful flop in Hollywood history: “Superman Returns.” Filmed for nearly a year on location in Australia, the film debuted at number one at the box office, and would go on to make $390 million worldwide (on a $200 million budget), receive two Oscar nominations, and win five Saturn Awards.

Warner Bros, however, never looked upon the film as a success.

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Maximum Nate

If you thought that family life would slow Nate Logsdon down, you were sadly mistaken. Proud Ames native Logsdon has brought his boundless energy and positive attitude to everything he does, which has included fronting the band Mumford's, his own solo music, booking shows for DG's Taphouse, co-founding indie label Maximum Ames Records, and running the Maximum Ames Music Festival.

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Dilana: "I Want to be There Every Step of the Way"

Nobody with a voice like the South African-born Dilana should have this hard of a time getting heard. Her first album, “Wonderfool,” was released on Dutch label Red Bullet in 2000. Critically, the album did just fine, receiving solid reviews and getting three singles on the Dutch charts. But Red Bullet's promotion of the album was best described as “indifferent,” and the sales never matched, leaving Dilana needing to repay the advance the label gave her.

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Towncrier: Getting the Band Back Together

Back when the 21st century was shiny and new, five guys got together in Des Moines and created a band called Towncrier. Consisting of drummer Will Locker, vocalist Jerry Lorenson, guitarists Ryan Plotz and Lucas Welchans and bassist Cory Talbot, Towncrier was responsible for some of the tightest material, most well-rounded material to come out of the city's early 2000's music scene. And then it stopped.

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Naughty By Nature Still Leads By Example

In the vast, sprawling world of hip hop, there is little doubt that Naughty By Nature has been playing the game longer than most. As the group gets ready to embark upon a 25th anniversary tour this year, to be accompanied by a new EP and documentary film, members Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee find themselves able to look back at all they have accomplished together, while also finally finding themselves back in a place where looking forward does not seem like such a silly idea.

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Living the Dream With Aquamarine Dream Machine

Aquamarine Dream Machine, the Des Moines-based prog rock four piece, is comprised of Daniel Wipf (guitars vocals), bassist Justin Kurtz, keyboardist Joseph Antelman and drummer Justin Bristow. The act's influences and individual ability creates a sound that is one of the more free-flowing yet intricate sounds in town.

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Carson McHone: "Texas is my Hometown"

Carson McHone has a sound that has been shaped not only by the city of Austin, but by the musical traditions of the entire Lone Star State.

“I've been writing since I can remember,” she said in a phone interview. “(My writing) is influenced by the music that I grew up with, and the acts that I got to see here in Austin.”

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Lavonne McRoberts Has the Power

For the past several years, Lavonne McRoberts has been the songwriter and frontwoman for Peace Love & Stuff, a four-piece rockabilly outfit that put on one of the highest energy shows in town. But when you have got four people as talented as Peace Love & Stuff's lineup working together, it can be a difficult beast to hold together.

“We'd all been together for 3 to 5 years,” McRoberts said of the band. “It was just time to grow differently as musicians for all of us.”

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Guster: Battling Entropy

There is a special kind of alchemy that is required in order for a band to make it as a self-sustaining entity. They need to be talented, this much is most usually true. But they also have to be smart enough to be able to tackle the business side of things, and driven enough to keep grinding out the long days on the road and the even longer days off. And, yes, there is a certain element of luck, always lurking in the background. These things always come in unequal measure; sometimes a band that is short on talent will be long on luck, and the results will be the same. One thing is universal, however: there is never time to rest on ones laurels.

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