Beach Boys' Mike Love Talks Brian Wilson, Lawsuits, and if He's Really the Biggest Asshole in Rock

It can be easy to forget how great the Beach Boys were. People remember the fun-loving surfer sound, and they remember the album “Pet Sounds.” But when discussing the greatest bands of all time, it is the rare person who will toss the Beach Boys name in alongside acts like The Who and the Rolling Stones. Not because they do not belong on the list (they do), but because something about their legacy has not seemed to endure in the same way as the other great bands have.

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The Great Ex-Cape: From Superman to The Atom, Brandon Routh on the Ups and Downs of Saving the World

In 2006, Producer/Director Bryan Singer what might well be regarded as the most successful flop in Hollywood history: “Superman Returns.” Filmed for nearly a year on location in Australia, the film debuted at number one at the box office, and would go on to make $390 million worldwide (on a $200 million budget), receive two Oscar nominations, and win five Saturn Awards.

Warner Bros, however, never looked upon the film as a success.

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Maximum Nate

If you thought that family life would slow Nate Logsdon down, you were sadly mistaken. Proud Ames native Logsdon has brought his boundless energy and positive attitude to everything he does, which has included fronting the band Mumford's, his own solo music, booking shows for DG's Taphouse, co-founding indie label Maximum Ames Records, and running the Maximum Ames Music Festival.

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