Multi-Track Minds With Madison Ray

Madison Ray has worn a lot of hats: Actor. Singer. Front man. Booker. Writer. Now, five years after the release of his last album with a band behind him, Madison is turning his most ambitious page yet, as he readies himself to release his first truly solo full length album, coinciding with the launch of a new, minimalist fashion clothing line called Andro.

Everything comes to a head on Friday, Nov 10 at the Stoner Theater, but in the lead up to that event, we sat down with Madison Ray at his home and listened to the upcoming album in its entirety, chatting about his music and life along the way.

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I Honestly Don't Know What You Expect From 80/35 at This Point

In case you missed it, The Des Moines Music Coalition made their initial lineup announcement for 80/35 this week, including headliners The Shins and MGMT. But, of course, you didn't miss it. Because as a simple perusal of the social media format of your choice will show, there are always two phases to every 80/35 lineup announcement: the statement itself, followed immediately by the moaning from people who can't wait to tell you how much the lineup always sucks, but how this year's is the Worst Ever.

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More looking back: Things get crazy

Even before we managed to get Nova Labs on board to help with the recording of each "Completely Covered" track, I knew I wanted to have Bryon Dudley's band, Strong Like Bear involved. Partly because there wasn't anyone else doing what SLB was doing, on the level they were doing it, but also because I figured if anyone was going to take the idea and run off into some uncharted territory with it, it was going to be Dudley and his crew. 

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A Continued Look Back

For day three of our "Completely Covered" retrospective, we turn to the only solo act to complete the project, Patresa Hartman. Once a song had been decided on, Patresa was quickly the first person I pictured in my mind. Patresa's intimate, personal songwriting style was so incongruous with Kanye's flash and bluster, that I knew the results had the potential to be some of the most interesting of the entire project.

Patresa, of course, hated every minute of it.

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