More looking back: Things get crazy

Even before we managed to get Nova Labs on board to help with the recording of each "Completely Covered" track, I knew I wanted to have Bryon Dudley's band, Strong Like Bear involved. Partly because there wasn't anyone else doing what SLB was doing, on the level they were doing it, but also because I figured if anyone was going to take the idea and run off into some uncharted territory with it, it was going to be Dudley and his crew. Their Facebook page describes Strong Like Bear as being "like an alt-rock Fleetwood Mac with moments of prog and jam." What that actually translates to is an act with some noise rock elements, a willingness to experiment with their sound in some creative ways , and a healthy sense of humor about its own music. If the first round of "Completely Covered" had a wild card, it was Strong Like Bear.

The band rose to that challenge.

While most acts kept some or all of the words from "Gold Digger" while ditching Kanye's hook and hip hop style, Strong Like Bear took things in the exact opposite direction, keeping most of the original song's structure intact, while changing almost every word, turning Kanye's song about not dating money-grubbing women into...the plot of the James Bond film "Goldfinger."