Completely Covered Retrospective 5: Cover Grrls

Most of the bands that participated in the first installment of Completely Covered really disliked the Kanye West source material, but still managed to come away pretty pleased with their finished results. One exception to that, however, was Cover Grrls.

I wanted to get this act--composed of Rae Davis, Betsy West, Jenny Kohls and Kai Greiner--involved in the project because I thought it would be interesting to hear a cover song from an actual cover band. And while the women involved may have been slightly less vehement in their distaste for the original "Gold Digger," the and was deeply divided on the track they turned in.

Personally, I think there's a lot to like about the finished track. The raw quality of the recording has a nice feel to it, and the spoken word second verse is particularly hilarious. But Davis wanted to take the song in a dramatically different direction. In Davis' mind, the song Cover Grrls would have turned in was to have a slower, folkier vibe to it, defusing all of Kanye's supposed machismo posturing--something, I imagine, very similar to what The Gourds did with their legendary cover of "Gin and Juice." Davis was eventually voted down, however. The majority of the band felt that a more or less straight cover of the song was more in keeping with what the band actually DID, and was therefore the way to go. Davis eventually conceded, though her delivery on the track makes it clear that she's doing so with as much of a wink as she can.

In the end, Cover Grrls handed in a track that none of them were completely happy with, and one that I assume they never revisited. I am able to see the charm in the finished product, especially now, a couple years removed from its birth.