Completely Covered Retrospective 7: Monday Mourners

Much like Patresa Hartman and the Other Brothers before them, the poor Monday Mourners were completely blindsided by this song choice. "Gold Digger" was completely out of the country act's wheelhouse; none of the members were even familiar with the song.

What they wound up doing (again similar to a couple of acts before them) was to strip the song all the way down to the one familiar thing--the Ray Charles hook--and build from there. The finished product bears a more than passing resemblance to The Other Brothers track, insofar as both bands left the actual verses on the scrap heap, and just built around the chorus. But where the Brothers track is fuzzy and raw, the Mourners gave theirs a warmer, fuller sound, true to their alt-country roots. And while Eli Clark's vocals on the Other Brothers track were pure rock n roll, The Monday Mourners' Clint Meyer gave their track a decidedly down-home feel with his deep, rolling baritone.