Easy Fruit: Keeping it Fresh

Easy Fruit, a straight rock four piece, is one of the newer editions to the capital city's music landscape. Which is not to say that its component members lack experience with playing music in town. All four of them, Brad Turk, Thomas Oldham, Cory Wendel and Chris Marshall have all played for various bands around town for years. But Easy Fruit marks something different for all of them.

“We wanted to make loud rock n roll,” Turk explained plainly. “I've been in a lot of pop bands, playing synthesizers and stuff like that, and we just wanted to start a rock band. That's what the EP is: the EP is kind of balls out.”

“Yeah,” Oldham concurred. “It's about 19 minutes of in-your-face.”

“The EP” is the band's self-titled debut which is, true to their word, a half dozen tracks of some of the loudest, fuzziest rock you'll hear around town.

Produced by soundboard genius Phil Young, the album was actually put together last summer, but the band sat on it for nearly six months, tinkering. Finally the EP was released to the world this past December, in a joint release party with Volcano Boys. Now, Easy Fruit is taking their talents north of the city.

“I'm excited to get up to Ames and put it in some people's hands who aren't a part of the Des Moines music scene,” Oldham said. “Our local scene is amazing, but Ames is a little bit of undocumented territory for us. So it's exciting.”

The EP is a good look at the birth of a band: Easy Fruit had only come together the previous January, before settling into the studio to start recording. Five months isn't a lot of time to put together a bunch of songs, so most of the material is stuff that Oldham brought with him to the project. Still, everyone involved agrees that it is a pretty good example of what to expect from Easy Fruit in the coming months: they're going to rock. And they're going to do it hard, they're going to do it fast, and it is going to be best served loud.

“All the songs on that EP are the very beginning of Easy Fruit,” Oldham said before reiterating: “The EP was really just a culmination of all of us coming together and wanting to make some rock n roll.”

Originally appeared in Cityview February 18, 2015