Beach Boys' Mike Love Talks Brian Wilson, Lawsuits, and if He's Really the Biggest Asshole in Rock

It can be easy to forget how great the Beach Boys were. People remember the fun-loving surfer sound, and they remember the album “Pet Sounds.” But when discussing the greatest bands of all time, it is the rare person who will toss the Beach Boys name in alongside acts like The Who and the Rolling Stones. Not because they do not belong on the list (they do), but because something about their legacy has not seemed to endure in the same way as the other great bands have.

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Bill Maher on Ann Coulter, Racial Profiling, Pot, and the Anatomy of Offense

Bill Maher is the closest any of us alive today will get to fulfilling every definition of the word “iconoclast.” In the Byzantine era, some 700 years after the events depicted in the Bible, iconoclasts were people who literally destroyed religious imagery. Maher — a loudly outspoken atheist — has never personally stood in the Hagia Irene scraping frescoes off the walls, but his 2008 documentary “Religulous” takes plenty of swings at religious belief in all its forms.

In modern parlance, of course, the word “iconoclast” has taken on a much broader definition, describing anyone who looks to poke holes in the status quo. And in that regard, Maher stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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Rosanne Cash Comes Full Circle

Rosanne Cash has fielded thousands of questions about her father. More appropriately, she has fielded the same four or five questions thousands of times. Everyone wants to know what influence the Man in Black had on her music, on her writing, on her life. So it throws her for a loop when someone cuts across the grain and asks her about the influence of the women in her life

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The Little Folk Singer

“I do enough of these interviews that they’re never really a big deal,” I said to the folksinger on the other end of my phone last week. “But I’m really trying my best to keep my shit together right now.”

Ani DiFranco, speaking from her home in New Orleans, laughed easily and often as we discussed her relationship with her fans, leaving her home in Buffalo, New York, for the Big Easy, and the delays behind her newest album, “Allergic to Water.”

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Kris Kristofferson: Performing "until they throw dirt on me"

Kris Kristofferson has done more than you.

Sure, that can be said of just about any commercially-successful musician, but for Kristofferson, there’s more to it. He’s a member of three Halls of Fame (Country Music, Songwriters and Nashville Songwriters); he’s the mind behind some of the largest hits of the ’60s and ’70s (“Help Me Make It Through The Night,” “Sunday Morning Coming Down,” “Me and Bobby McGee”); and he’s been in arguably the biggest country supergroup ever — The Highwaymen, with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. But Kristofferson’s achievements reach beyond music.

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Joan Jett Still Loves Rock n Roll

It’s safe to say of Joan Jett that she’s done it all. Beginning her career in one of the seminal female rock acts, The Runaways, Jett has gone on to a solo career that is defined by solid three chord blues riffs and includes a couple of the most memorable rock anthems of all time.

More so than any of her Runaways band mates, Jett has cemented herself as rock royalty. She was included on the list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists (No. 87) by Rolling Stone, and when was the last time Lita Ford was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

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