Dustin Smith: Des Moines' Maytag Man

Just a few weeks over a year ago, Dustin Smith started a new project. After having performed solo, and founded Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos with his best friend Paige Harpin, Smith was ready for the next step in his sound.

“The more I look back at The Sunday Silos and what I was trying to achieve there, I remember constantly feeling at live shows like it wasn't being well received,” he said. “I wanted people to have fun, and I wanted to go on the search for a rock band.”

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The Incredible Jim Viner

Absolutes are not very common. Reality doesn't often like to trade in them. However, if you were to walk into just about any music venue, practice room or recording studio around town and say “Jim Viner is the best drummer in Iowa,” you would find yourself on about as solid ground as it gets.

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Getting Real with Des Moines Punk

The Real Action is garage punk played for kicks by guys who grew up when garage punk was new. It's a lark. It's also loud, fast and really fun.

Assembled primarily from former members of The Chezwicks and and The Strangefellows, The Real Action is an act that's been a long time coming.

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